I’m thrilled by the responses to launch of our Podcast Leaving Egypt. Jenny Sinclair and I are hosting a series of conversations with a variety of guests exploring the vocation of the church in a context of cultural unravelling. Leaving Egypt seeks to make sense of this moment for communities of Christians in North America and the UK. In dialogue with guests we read the signs of the times and share stories of how local expressions of God’s people are contributing to the reweaving of hope in our common life

In our first Podcast, Jenny and I introduced ourselves as two Christians from each side of the Atlantic and shared the why and what of the podcast. You can catch that conversation here: https://leavingegyptpodcast.substack.com/p/ep00-leaving-egypt-with-al-roxburgh#details

We’re getting great feedback. Here are some the responses we’ve already had:

Wow, I just listened to the trailer for Leaving Egypt and I am so excited to listen to more episodes! The insights are so resonant with what we are also seeing

Oh yes, we’re leaving Egypt. Congratulation on your podcast. I am so excited about it – and grateful too!- There were so many things there that resonated so deeply with me that I got goosebumps for almost the entire episode.

Our second podcast has just been released. I’m excited to share it with my friends and those of you who follow my work. Maurice Glasman is a friend, a member of the British House of Lords, an academic, author, founder of Blue Labor and an amazing human being. I know few people who, like Maurice, can engage large ideas while never losing a sense of the person he is with. I have huge respect, care and love for this wonderful man. I remember one cold, London afternoon sitting outside on a balcony overlooking the Thames. I shared with Maurice my concerns about the failure of God’s people to see the hard issues of this unraveling. Maurice was quiet. Then he spoke: “Alan, it’s about the bones!” I must have looked as confused as I felt. Maurice responded: “Don’t you remember Ezekiel and the way God breathes life back into those dead bones?”. He helped me see how I was looking at all this with the wrong eyes. Yes, things are falling apart but, among ordinary people who seem out of touch, God is gestating life. I, a Christian teacher, was being brought back into the narratives of God by a Jew. How blessed I have been by Maurice’s kindness and wisdom. So I want you, my friends, to listen in on the wisdom and humanity of this man. He has much to share with us.

In this podcast Maurice describes the disruptive unraveling that confronts us is all and describes the challenges for God’s people in this Egypt. Here’s the link – please give it a listen. I’d love to hear your responses.